My main area of expertise is Artificial Intelligence (aka machine learning aka machine intelligence). Data mining and visualization are part of my everyday toolbox and honestly, I love this topics. The commercial applications of A.I. that may be useful for your business are:

  • Dashboards and visualizations. You have a lot of data but don’t know how to filter and visualize them in order to ease monitoring and decision-making for your business. Alternatively, you want to convert your data in a graphical widget to let other people better interact and discover them.
  • Recommendation systems. You want to present to your customers a personalized choice over the products you sell, or to promote a certain product only to a specific audience which is more likely to buy it.
  • Scraping or API consuming. You want to gather data from other websites, in an automated fashion.
  • Network analysis. You want to discover the properties of any kind of network (social, business, chemical, etc.). You may be interested in the network’s resistance to damage, presence of communities, small-worldness, hubs, diameter.
  • Machine learning. You want to make educated predictions and update them accordingly to the new data you gather. You want to extract a model or optimize decisions on the data (classification, regression). You want insights on the variables’ distribution (e.g. normality, clustering) and interaction (e.g. ANOVAs, correlations, causality).


The techniques I can manage professionally are neural networks, genetic algorithms and bayes networks. I tend to rely on open source, tested libraries to work with my clients, but in any case I implement first the algorithms on my own and from scratch in order to understand them completely. Right now I am studying deep learning (advanced types of neural network that Google and Facebook actually use).

If you are thinkering on any of these aspects, feel free to contact me and we can arrange a meeting (near Rome, Italy) or a video call.

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