Linked data presented at RomaJS

After the presentation on machine learning, it was a pleasure to return at the RomaJS meetup to discuss Linked Data. Here you have the slides with a lot of useful links:


Claudio Mantuano pitched in with a live demo showing how you can jump form one domain of knowledge to another on the Linked Open Data cloud. Source code here.

It was a good occasion for beginners to discover this visionary technology, and for practitioners to relate and have a feedback on the state of the art. Key takeaways:

  • The linked data stack is very promising but still immature, with production-ready triplestores and libraries lacking documentation, tutorials and community support. A lot of work – and fun – is ahead of us.
  • Even if you don’t want to adopt the whole stack, the datasets available as linked data are valuable and worth being explored and integrated in a more traditional setup.
  • At the intersection of Linked Data and Javascript there are two standards to keep an eye on:
    • JSON-LD: to transform a REST API in a Linked REST API.
    • RDF-JS: a community effort to define a common representation of Linked Data in all JS libraries.

All of this happened in the context of the very active RomaJS community. Special thanks to the organizers and the Javascripters who joined us.

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