Customer segmentation

This service let you better understand the userbase of your business, to adapt your product/service and achieve more targeted marketing.

Result of the Segmentation is a small group (from 2 to 5) of “user prototype” or “Personas”, each representing a portion of the userbase with specific characteristics.


Segmentation is useful if:

  • you gathered anagraphic and behavioural infromation on your clients. We start from data on the persons you have as customers: age. sex, address, orders, expenses, time on page, excetera.
  • you want to understand in what categories they are grouped. Starting from data, the Segmentation allows to obtain customer typologies.
  • you want to build Personas with a scientific apporach. With an insight on which kind of customers interact with your business, you can take better decisions on product development and marketing.

Download a sample report

Here is the Segmentation applied to a dataset on supermarket clients released by Microsoft.

Download example

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Cost depends on the amount of data and the work necessary to clean them. Included is a videocall consultancy and a downloadable resport including the segments and the most significant plots derived from the data.

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