What I do

I know my way around bioinspired artificial intelligence, i.e. neural networks and genetic algorithms. I worked on this topics since very young and made experience for +7 years in the academic world. During this period I also learned rock solid statistics, simulation techniques and data visualization. My favorite programming language is python but lately I fell in love with HTML5.


In the meantime I also followed my natural inclination to artistic expression doing writing, blogging, theatre, video.
Hoping to merge the scientific background with artistic aspirations, and riding the global trend for big data, I follow two working directions:

– apply scientific background to real-world scenarios (example).

– deepen my skills in data visualization (example).

Now that you know what I do, please contact me, tell me what you do and let’s dive into a new adventure.
I am very open to learn new things, even better if in collaboration with smart people.

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